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For 15 years, the Upstage was the home for more than 5,000 amazing performances and community events. Over 30,000 performers have graced its stage.

Upstage now begins fundraising efforts to help move towards securing a new location. We need the help of Upstage’s friends and supporters and hope to hear the sound of your applause. Please sign up below for news of Upstage shows and future venue locations.

In 2013, Upstage closed for a month to allow its landlord to complete a structural upgrade of the building. It received a surprise Termination of Tenancy on the day scheduled for reopening. Our goal is to open the Upstage in another, even better, location. Several opportunities are available.

Upstage’s goal is to bring a regular and renowned venue, Upstage, back to the community. This will return Upstage to supporting the performing arts in daily life year round. A successful outcome can be achieved with your help. We look forward to returning your “investment” many times over, through a new and even better Upstage. We aim to maintain Upstage as a valuable community asset and a performing arts venue for years to come. While not tax deductible at this time, we believe your contribution is an Arts & Community investment in a future Upstage.

The Upstage’s guiding sensibility has not simply been to make things happen but to bring people together to let things happen. For it is our belief that in community, the best of ourselves comes to light. Please help us by contributing today and signing up below for news of interim Upstage shows and future Upstage locations.


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